Summer For Reindeer

The holiday season in all of its flair,

Is far and away the best time of the year.

Yet while it’s renowned for its feasting and fun,

It takes quite some prepping to get it all done.

It’s hours of work done in dozens of ways,

And effort spread out over thirty-plus days;

Some X million people all playing a role,

And nine special reindeer from up at the pole.

Despite only working one pre-Christmas night,

They give all they’ve got in a back-breaking flight.

Around the whole world with that fabulous haul:

A sleigh-ful of Santa and presents for all.

Upon the command with a jolly ‘Ho, ho!’,

They take to the sky with their shipment in tow;

Delivering presents for me and for you,

One roof to the next till the evening’s all through.

As daylight starts breaking the deer make their way,

Back north to the pole with their present-less sleigh.

Their mission accomplished but bodies now spent,

From hauling their cargo the places they went.

But lucky for them they’ll have plenty of time;

Eleven months straight to get back to their prime.

From spring through the summer and autumn time too,

Their schedules are open so here’s what they do…

The first thing they’ll do till the third week of spring,

Is work really hard at not doing a thing.

They’ll follow the motto, ‘Sleep more and do less’,

To help them bounce back from the holiday stress.

They’ll lounge in their PJs not far from their beds,

With warm antler cozies on top of their heads.

And topping it off, when they wake from each nap,

Are mugs of warm milk and hot chocolate on tap.

The moment they feel like they’ve rested enough,

They catch up on leisure with hobbies and stuff.

Like thousand-piece puzzles of all kinds of planes,

Or folding a flocks’ worth of bright paper cranes.

Whatever endeavor the goal is to find,

A good deal of pleasure and great peace of mind.

And so, each second is purposely spent,

To help them recharge to a hundred percent.

As soon as the team is at sky-high morale,

They switch out the cold for a sunny locale;

Where cool crystal waters meet warm golden sand,

And up-tempo steel pans ring out through the land.

They’ll sit in the sand making magical forts,

While sipping on drinks of all sizes and sorts.

And after some selfies, construction complete,

It’s into the sea to cool off from the heat.

A week or so after they’ll spend a few days,

Engaging with fans in a couple of ways;

Responding online and to physical mail,

Collected all over and shipped by the bale.

Now do they get through it? I can’t say I know,

But one thing for sure is they give it a go.

They send all their Thank Yous and show that they care,

With all of the effort they’re able to spare.

At this point while nearing the end of the year,

It’s crucial the reindeer begin to prepare;

By getting in shape for what’s coming ahead:

Their yearly commission to pull Santa’s sled.

On Mondays and Wednesdays they’ll train pulling logs,

While Fridays it’s running on long distance jogs;

Combined, these things help build stellar physiques,

And take their performance to breathtaking peaks.

With Christmas approaching around the next bend,

The free time they’ve had has to come to an end.

The holiday season now back in full swing,

They lock in their focus on only one thing.

Although they’ll be busy it’s only one night;

Delivering gifts on a round-the-world flight.

And once it’s all done they’ll again get to use,

Their spring, fall and summer however they choose.


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    Nice post🤠

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