Up Past The Sky

Up past the sky, higher than high,

Above all the trees and where hawk-eagles fly;

Much higher than rainbows with clouds at their base,

Float marvelous things in the nothing of space.

Right at the center and where we begin,

Is where the day starts and what pulls us all in.

A great ball of fire that shines as if gold,

Both lighting the darkness and warming the cold.

As if on a boat or a chariot ride,

It crosses the sky in an effortless glide.

With legends inspired, passed down as they’re told,

From person to person, millennia old.

Speeding through space like a track-ready car,

A fast-moving quicksilver circles our star.

With sightings so fleeting because it’s so swift,

Each glimpse could be seen as a memorable gift.

And speaking of gifts out here birthdays abound,

With only three months till the next comes around.

Assuming of course you’d be more than okay,

With spending two months moving only a day.

Next up is quite the celestial muse,

Enchanting observers with beautiful views.

A pearl in the sky that’s a wonderful sight,

And brightest of ‘stars’ on the starriest night.

Yet after the night in the light of the dawn,

Its shine doesn’t fade and its glow lingers on.

Transfixing the mind and enthralling the heart,

And gripping the soul like a true work of art.

As darkness descends and the day becomes night,

The Earth gets lit up by a silvery light.

 Against a dark sky it seems whiter than snow,

And almost as cool with its ambient glow.

When waxing or waning or not seen at all,

A quarter or crescent or big shiny ball;

It moves as we do while it travels through space,

Forever and always revealing one face.

Closer to home but still up really high,

Some man-made machines float where space meets the sky.

To map where we are or we’re trying to go,

And forecast the rain or predict any snow.

They help us to see that which sits out of sight,

Observing what’s out there and seeking what might.

Examining ether to research and learn,

And send us the data their missions return.

Next rock from here and the fourth from the Sun,

Has fame and mystique that ranks second to none.

A staple of science and fiction the same,

Whose stories and studies hold welcome acclaim.

And where the two meet we have robots galore,

Sent out to discover, observe and explore.

To probe and to orbit, to rove and to land,

And brave a great desert of rusty red sand.

Next is a titan so big and so wide,

That all other planets could fit right inside.

A storm-covered ocean in wood-colored tones,

Like paint that’s in motion in belts and in zones.

The first to be formed it’s the oldest of old,

And now like back then it’s a sight to behold.

A cosmic colossus that sits in its place,

As king in our corner of coal-colored space.    


Strikingly bright like a gem in the sky,

A breathtaking sight draws and captures the eye.

 A treasure that shines with a luster so bold,

It measures much more than its weight made in gold.

Yet crowning this jewel high above other things,

Are glimmering sets of magnificent rings;

With billions of pieces of frosty cold ice,

That dazzle like diamonds and look just as nice.

Further afield in the darkness of space,

Comes quite the unique and peculiar place;

Which travels the void on the craziest ride,

Tipped over so far that it rolls on its side.

We’d know a lot more with a voyage or two,

But trips out that way have been less than a few.

So far as we reckon down under the clouds,

Lie kookier quirks that it secretly shrouds.

Sailing through space with the Sun as its guide,

A lonely blue world drifts along on a tide.

Serene on the surface yet slightly below,

There’s more to uncover and much left to know.

Off in the distance by millions of leagues,

It sits out of sight and yet still it intrigues.

Both dark and obscure with a sapphire hue,

As vast as the seas and as cool as them too.

Last on the list there’s a place you should know,

So cold the sky freezes and falls as if snow.

The tiniest finding way out in the dark,

That managed to make the most memorable mark.

A ninth little ‘planet’ till one fateful date,

When closer inspection cut nine into eight.

Yet even through tweaking its rank on the charts,

It’s held pretty fondly in minds and in hearts.

Further than this where we’re still yet to go,

Lie even more worlds we don’t know we don’t know.

Like planets with water or fresh air perhaps,

With mountains and valleys adorning their maps.

Places like this and conceivably more,

Are just what we hope to observe and explore;

Till one day we know every what, where and why,

Of all of the wonder that’s up past the sky.


  1. It’s magnificent 💜

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  2. Beautifully penned. If you have time visit my blogs also😃

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    1. Thanks for the feedback! Will do; You should expect me at your blog in 5, 4, 3, 2…


      1. Okay waiting😂😂😂

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